Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mmmmm.... tasty

Take a look at this:

I was told in my first week of Sociology class that I needed to read this article and respond to it. I have never taken a Sociology class before, and this was a really... awkward... I didn't even know that this even existed.

So, I'm just wondering. Have you ever had an experience where you were confronted with something so odd, and so unreasonable? Could your mind fathom the depths at which this idea entailed? Would you have to walk all the way to Mordor to answer your question, or is as simple to you as riding a giant bird to freedom?


  1. I don't know...something as outlandish to me as this would be really hard to even fathom. As you said, I would indeed have to walk all the way to Mordor to get questions answered. There is too many differences in cultural pasts to truly get an idea of how something came about just on your own.

  2. I've heard about this before, and read about it before. It's sort of ridiculous a lot that people do this.

  3. i thought you said scientology class and i went, uh, wut?

  4. Well im out of words for that one... :O