Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally! I have this up!

I have to admit, for awhile now I have seriously thought about making a blog. Not just several weeks ago, mind you, but for several years have I pondered the question of whether or not I should share whatever comes to mind with the rest of the world. I guess the reason why I haven't made one before is because I figured no one would care, and the fact that I was in high school, so anything you did is evaluated and judged by all of your peers. On top of that, being busy is certainly another factor. I cannot guarantee that I'll have a post in my blog every single day, or even a week for that matter. As of right now I see myself posting when something special crosses my mind and I decide to share. Hopefully that may change as my time with my blog progresses.

I certainly encourage all of you to follow along and comment about stuff that I post. I really do like intelligent conversations, and every conversation has the potential have something learned from it. And honestly, I really do hope you guys enjoy my blog. Bringing satisfaction to my readers I  assume is a wonderful feeling.

So thank you all for looking at my blogspot, and expect to see a real full blog soon on just about anything!


  1. First!!!1!one!

    So do I win a prize?

  2. Looking forward to some awesome stuff from you, liking what I see so far!

  3. oooo.... Im gonna like this blog. I can already tell. I hope to be seeing good intellectual topics from you!