Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yet another way 10 Tasks Makes You a Better Person.

I was looking at this article on 10 tips for making your stuff last longer and I was actually quite surprised. usually, these things are all about proper hygiene... you know the ones. But this article talks more or less about most of the little things that we tend to overlook. I personally follow at least 8 of these fine tips. You don't have to look at the article if you don't want to, mainly because I'm about to summarize the general idea of what Tom Barlow has to say.

  1. Don't wash your jeans often. Apparently many jean enthusiasts wait a month or so before their first washing, and even then it doesn't really go through a heavy cycle in the wash. Hell, don't even throw it in the washer. According to Barlow's research, the heat, water, and detergents make your jeans look old fast. Honestly, to me, they're jeans, pieces of clothing, and I really don't give a shit about the longevity of my jeans' color's performance. If they're old, I'll give them away to charity and buy new jeans that make me look more hip. Those pre-teens won't even know how to emulate my coolness. However, I'm not saying you shouldn't care for your jeans. If you're the type of guy or girl that loves their jeans so darkly dyed blue from Taiwan or the Honduras, then your best bet is to hand wash your jeans and let them air dry.
  2. Dry your razorblades. First of all, in my honest opinion if you don't actually do this yourself then I think you're pretty stupid. This is the best way to save like $40 bucks. Now, I don't have a beard that grows instantly within a week or something, but beyond that my razors have lasted me for more than several years now. Why? Because after every use I wash them and dry them off. It's really simple! Why pay like $3.00 for replacement razors that you just got two weeks ago? After usage, clean and dry them, and there you go. Even if you're a heavy razor user, I bet you'd still save quite a bit of cash and time (because you'd have to go to the store to get replacements) left over. Clean your stuff after use. Sheesh.
  3. Coddle your tires. Taking care of your tires is easily another item that you need to last longer. The average person is not a man with money and the attributes of a speed demon. Seeing as you're probably a family person, you should definitely get the best out of your tires. This can be achieved by monitoring your car's tire pressure, driving straight (no shuffling of the steering wheel while in a lane), avoiding frequent stops and goes, and store any tires you're not using in a nice place in your garage that isn't easily affected by the weather. Take care of your tires, and then you can have what I have... replace an entire set several years after the last one was bought. 
  4.  Keep your shoes pristine. Most guys have only several pairs of shoes that they wear everyday, and within those several pairs only one or two are used in special occasions. Women have thousands in their closet. That's just how women are. But regardless if you're wearing one or five within a week, taking care of what you wear down there (hahaha genital reference) will overall make the entire shoe last longer. Make sure to make your shoes breathe for awhile. Wearing the same ones everyday doesn't give them enough time to let out the stink they kept in, so alter what shoes you're wearing each week. Scrub them off or wash them every once in awhile. Barlow says you should think about getting waterproof spray to prevent water build-up... I say nay. When it comes to fancy shoes, guys, place a shoehorn in them to keep the style looking fresh instead of the walls crumpling around. Women, stick crumpled paper or something in your sandle-y-thingys.. And finally, if you've got kids, make sure they wear heavy socks. In that way, in case you forget, you can prepare them for when their feet grow several months later.
  5.  Make better use of your perfume. The best time to put on perfume is right after a shower. Perfume sticks to moistened areas, so wetting the spot you plan to put the perfume on helps with the longevity. Also, put them in places your pulse may be. That's because those are warmer areas of your body, and we all now what attracts is to the opposite sex. And it's okay to make several dashes for the perfume if the scent dies. Just remember to follow the previous instructions.
  6. Keep your Christmas tree green.  But it at it's freshest, cut off an inch from the stump, take it home and place it away from the fireplace or anywhere really dry. That's all there is to it. Honestly, why is this one of the many things your should worry about? That's because barely anyone has even thought about this idea as one of the things you could keep for longer periods.
  7. Pay attention to how you clean your clothes. I find enough comfort washing them nicely, but here's another way to make all your clothes feel fresh after every cleaning. Make sure to treat spots if those are the only places where your clothes are dirty. When it comes to drying, make sure to line dry so that it comes out smelling like fresh nature love, or whatever the hell your detergent smells like. Dryer balls beat the crap out of your clothes, so avoid them. Seriously hand or fold your clothes,. Mixing them in an area where yo had your old clothes lying around just makes them dirtier and grosser before you even wear them again.
  8. Extend the life out of your produce. Just rehydrate, sequester, refrigerate, freeze, chill, and breathe your fruits and veggies. 'Nuff said.
  9. Save that nice wine you got. If you can avoid opening it until the absolute special moment, then problem solved. But if you've opened it already then no worries. Just remember that oxygen and wine hate each other, so make sure to try to vacuum out the wine bottle again before putting it back in the fridge. Doing so will help make the wine retain it's taste for next time.
  10. Scratch-proof that touchscreen. Simply put, your touch screen devices go through a lot of use. And because it's touchscreen your greasy hands get all over it. Not only that, people do indeed drop these things. So make sure to get a screen protector, so that you can protect that screen from years of hand-oil buildup and prevent scratches or cracks.
So that's it. If you want to have more advice, just check the link out. If not, then too bad. I'm tired, so I guess I have to log off now. Toodles everyone!

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